Oil Storage

Oil Storage According to industry experts, the most common source of oil contamination is the transfer of lubricants between bulk containers and filling points. Contaminants can be introduced to the oil from dirty transfer containers or by using the wrong oil. Lubricants are usually topped off or filled into systems every day by maintenance personnel.… Continue reading Oil Storage

Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration According to studies, oil contamination may contribute to up to 70 percent of all premature machine failures. The key to extending the life of bearings and other equipment components is clean oil. Maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness increases the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.   Oils… Continue reading Oil Filtration

Contamination Control

Contamination Control Research shows that 80% of equipment failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminants like dirt, metal particles, and water in the equipment oil. Ensuring your equipment gets clean and dry oil increases equipment uptime. It also extends the life of equipment components and oil. This improves the return on investment for your equipment.… Continue reading Contamination Control

Royal Purple

Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants Without proper lubrication, increased friction can cause wear on machines and cause more downtime and maintenance. This reduces productivity. Higher quality lubricants last longer and greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and lower your operating costs. Royal Purple formulates the most advanced lubricants available on the market today. … Continue reading Royal Purple