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Why Operate Blind When You Can See Inside Your Oil?

Optimize Your Equipment's Performance With Our Complimentary Oil Analysis

Are you guessing at the cause of equipment failures and feeling like you don't know what to try next?

Today’s manufacturing and production equipment continually becomes more sophisticated with advances in reduced power consumption, less harmful CO2 emissions, and a longer projected working life. As the technology improves, the procedures for professional maintenance continually adapt to match the advances.

Dry, clean oil provides the ultimate operating environment for your equipment; by ensuring your oil’s purity, you lower maintenance costs, improve overall efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. But in today’s sophisticated machinery world, you need more than a Dip Stick to understand what is happening inside your equipment’s oil.

Extensive oil testing is beneficial in many ways. It can save you money and increase production uptime.

Benefits of Our Complimentary Oil Testing

Early Problem Detection

Early problem detection allows you to plan maintenance and avoid costly unscheduled downtime. For example, you can replace bearings before they seize and resolve entry points for contaminants.

Extend Equpment Life

Regular oil analysis extends the life of your equipment by identifying wear, contamination, and other issues, allowing for quicker solutions and increasing your Return on Investment.

Reduce Operating Costs

Insuring that clean and dry oil lubricates your equipment improves operational efficiency and reduces energy consumption and costs.

These benefits clearly underscore the significance of regular oil testing, which should be an integral part of the entire maintenance strategy.


Some equipment wear and tear is unavoidable. Still, with the information provided by our Complimentary testing and staff, you can more effectively develop your equipment management strategy to reduce it.


ISL Group professionals will provide a detailed report of your testing results and consult with you to help you create the most effective approach to maintenance and repairs.

Our Testing Methods

The following are brief explanations of each testing method. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at, and one of our team will gladly answer your question within one business day. If your situation is urgent, please call us at (913) 334-5823.

ICP Analysis

ICP Analysis determines the parts per million (ppm) of all wear metals, contaminants, and additives.


Viscosity testing determines the viscosity of the oil to determine if the oil is still within manufacturer specification.

Visual Screen

Visual screening provides a picture of both the oil color/clarity and the bottom of the sample bottle are taken, and any level of contamination, visual oil problems or visible wear debris of the oil is recorded.

Acid Number

Acid numer determines the overall acidity of the oil to evaluate degradation. This is the benchmark test to determine the change-out interval for non-engine oil.

Base Number

Base number determines the remaining alkalinity of the oil to evaluate degradation. The benchmark test to determine the change-out interval for engine oil.

Water Content

Water content analysis determines the level of moisture and water contamination.

Particle Count

Particle count analysis determines the level of the oil’s cleanliness, indicating contaminant ingress, wear, and filter by-pass issues.

PQ Index

PQ Index provides a rapid indication of metallic debris and can detect ferrous wear debris that may be missed by spectrometric analysis.


Ferrography is a detailed morphological analysis of the wear debris particles suspended in the oil to determine the type of wear process and cause of wear in a lubricated system.

What You Can Expect From Our Oil Testing

  • Accurate results on a wide variety of specialized testing procedures.
  • Reliable interpretation of test results and recommendations based on the data.
  • Fast turnaround with abnormal or critical results provided by phone, fax, or email.
  • Expert training and support. We will work with you to educate your staff on the benefits of industry-leading maintenance methods.
  • Cost-effective standard and specialty tests.
  • Enhanced oil and system integrity for extended oil drain intervals.


Maximize the performance and lifespan of your machinery with our complimentary oil analysis service. Our expert technicians use cutting-edge technology to identify potential problems before they become severe and give you the tools you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.


At Industrial Sealing & Lubrication, Inc., we use state-of-the-art oil analysis testing methods to provide accurate and detailed information about your equipment’s condition. In addition, our team will work with you to develop a customized oil analysis schedule that meets the specific needs of your operations.


Experts from Industrial Sealing & Lubrication, Inc. are ready to help you develop a customized oil analysis schedule that meets the specific needs of your operations.


Remember - Your First Oil Analysis Is On Us

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