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According to studies, oil contamination may contribute to up to 70 percent of all premature machine failures. The key to extending the life of bearings and other equipment components is clean oil. Maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness increases the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.


Oils need to be filtered to keep them free of fine particles and moisture. This protects equipment from wear and extends the oil’s life. Keeping the oil clean throughout its operating life starts with purifying it as soon as it enters the facility. Setting an ISO code cleanliness goal and maintaining it will further extend the life of both the oil and the equipment.


A portable or dedicated filtration system is one tool that will improve the reliability of your lubrication systems. They are designed to remove small and large particulates from oil.


Industrial Sealing and Lubrication (ISL) offers a wide variety of filtration solutions including:

  • Filter Assemblies & Replacement Cartridges
  • High Pressure Filters
  • Low Pressure Filters
  • Duramax® Spin-On Filters Hydraulic Line
  • Accessories Reservoir
  • Accessories


ISL distributes aftermarket filters for compressors, refrigeration units, blowers, and vacuum pumps. Our products include air/oil separators, coalescers, air/oil filters, and housings. We offer OEM quality at a fraction of the cost of OEM filters


Portable Filtration

A portable filtration system is a great way to protect and clean industrial lubricants. Portable filtration units are available in various styles, including hand-carried, on a dolly, and on trailers.


They can be used to

  • Clean contaminated systems
  • Clean new equipment before commissioning
  • Decontaminate systems to maintain cleanliness standards. 


With industrial-duty pneumatic tires, sturdy frames, and quality components, portable filtration systems are ideal for easy move around plant floors.


When you’re ready to extend the life of your equipment and oil, and increase the return on investment for your equipment, contact us. Our trained reliability specialists will give you a free oil analysis and show you how to started filtering your oil to reduce contaminants.

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