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Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants

Without proper lubrication, increased friction can cause wear on machines and cause more downtime and maintenance. This reduces productivity. Higher quality lubricants last longer and greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and lower your operating costs. Royal Purple formulates the most advanced lubricants available on the market today. 


Royal Purple synthetic lubricants are engineered to handle the world’s toughest industrial and transportation applications. They are designed to extend the lifetime of the lubricant. 


Royal Purple lubricants reduce wear, metal-to-metal contact, and ferrous particle counts. These factors, and the fact that Royal Purple lubricants do not have to be changed as often, results in substantial savings and an increase in equipment ROI. 

Royal Purple’s energy savings, maintenance savings, and increased productivity is unique in the line of synthetic lubricants. They consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a wider range of equipment.


Royal Purple is known for outstanding quality and superior performance in the industrial and racing markets. They have earned their reputation through their relentless pursuit of lubrication excellence.


If you currently use Royal Purple’s products, you already know they are the best. If you do not, you have an opportunity to greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and to lower your operating costs by switching to Royal Purple lubricants.



Why Chose Synthetic Oil Over Mineral Oil

  • Synthetic molecules are perfect. Each molecule is identical and free from wax and impurities.
  • Synthetic oils operate more efficiently over a wider range of temperatures.
  • At cold temperatures, synthetic oils are more fluid. 
  • At high temperatures, synthetic oils are stable and thin out less than mineral oils.
  • Synthetic oils are pure and form fewer deposits.
  • Synthetic oils keep equipment cleaner and operate more efficiently with fewer filter changes than mineral oils.

Only Royal Purple Contains Synerlec TM

Synerlec is a proprietary synthetic lubricating film with the following benefits:

  • Micro-polishes surfaces which reduces metal fatiguing vibrations so equipment runs smoother, cooler and quieter. 
  • Keeps oil dry which greatly extends bearing life and prevents rust.
  • Increases oxidation stability reducing deposits and extending oil drain intervals.
  •  Includes a corrosion inhibitor that protects equipment operating in intermittent service periods.  

Why Royal Purple Costs Less

Value = Price + Performance

Price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a lubricant. Value is a component of price plus performance. Royal lubricant is a better value because of the following performance factors. 


  • Royal Purple’s tougher film strength extends equipment life to reduce capital expenditures.
  • Operating expenses are reduced as equipment operates smoother, quieter, cooler, and longer with less maintenance, and fewer oil and filter changes.
  • Royal Purple’s premium performance properties allow fewer oils to be inventoried for a greater number of tests.
  • Royal Purple’s greater lubricity saves fuel.
  • Royal Purple is environmentally responsible. It saves natural resources and keeps the environment cleaner by reducing used oil disposal. 

Consider this comparison of Royal Purple compared to a mineral oil.

Mineral OilRoyal Purple
Price per gallon$9.00$31.14
Service life1000 hrs.9,000 hrs
Oil changes/year91
Annual oil cost per gallon$81.00$31.14
Savings per gallon$49.86
Savings per 100 gallons$4,986.00

Are You Ready To Try The Best Oil On The Market?

Our customers appreciate that we don’t just want to sell them products. We want to help them make the best decision that will save you money longterm. Industrial Sealing & Lubrication has been distributing Royal Purple lubricants for over 20 years. If you’re ready to try the best, contact us and one of our trained reliability specialists will give you a free oil analysis and show you how to get started.

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