RMF Varnish Removal System

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“We estimate that replacing manual greasing with your Pulsarlube units that will save us $500,000 every year in reduced labor, bearing failures, and lubricant purchases.”

- Travis-Power Plant-Central KS


“We have a lot of old equipment that leaks oil and our night shifts generally clean up any leaks before I can see them so I don’t know if something is low on oil without pulling the plug to check.  By using your 3D bullseyes and not having to pull the plugs I am able to save 16 hours a month in my maintenance routes.”  

- Graham-Soybean Milling-Western KS


As a professional in my craft and after nearly 20+ years working in agriculture. Being lucky enough to gain over 10 years in agricultural industrial experience for one of the leading Agricultural Services Providers in the world. Holding a number of positions varying from every modal type this industry has to offer. I have come to know a little bit about the value of a good product. I personally am thoroughly impressed with the performance of the Royal Purple brand products supplied from you guys. Until recently I have not had much faith in the solutions when dealing with food grade products. The Royal Purple food grade line has been able to run ahead of the competitors in its performance, reliability and functionality. I personally have had long discussions with representatives from both Dodge and SKF bout our use of the food grade products in bearings and gear boxes. Both were impressed with the properties they have seen in the Royal Purple products we use versus the field experience with competitors. This product has done an outstanding job in its performance and we are thrilled to show others so they may share in its benefits. Your products we use truly live the motto for being "The performance oil that outperforms".

- Lee E